The first aim of ours is to provide the best suitable quality at the best affordable price. KLAUS brand that has enlarged its product scales wider in a short period of time has a valuable goal for supplying the same and the best quality at evey item that it contains such as LED products, Led Panels, Floodlight, Reflectors, Bulkhead lights.

We form our lighting product groups with our perception on production minding the environment and human health. The group of LED lighting products never contains hazardous materials like mercury and argon and never emits UV and infra red rays.


KLAUS has an executing way of never abandoning on the service and item quality, always focusing on customer requirements and conveying the service on time.

Energy Saving

LED bulb models contributes on energy saving of 90% comparing to the old fashion lighting methods whereas CFL models does it by 50%.


The product life time is long term based on the quality of the materials used on production and proper use of the instructions


R&D activities on our current items and new items continue as fast as possible. Any kind of innovations and develepmonets on lighting area are being observed closely and formed and contributed in accordance with all markets requirements where we operate with KLAUS brand.



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